• East Bay Minyan is on hiatus. (After nearly six years, you might say we're resting for shmita)! Email us for more info or if you'd like to host an EB Minyan event.


To keep East Bay Minyan running, we depend on donations from generous volunteers and participants! Here’s how you can contribute time, food, or money:



  • Host a Shabbat dinner for your EB Minyan friends. Click here for info, or write to meals@eastbayminyan.org.
  • Provide Friday night Kiddush! Ten minutes of shopping and shlepping make schmoozing much more fun. All we need are two or three bottles of kosher wine and some hechshered vittles (dairy or pareve) delivered to our davening location before the start of Shabbat. Can you help? kiddush@eastbayminyan.org.


We need a little gelt to do what we do, so please consider donating! If you’d like to sponsor the space we rent for davening or make a general donation, please use the links or mailing address below, or write to gelt@eastbayminyan.org. You’ll receive the adoration of millions, a place of honor in olam haba, and, best of all, a shout-out during announcements! Here’s how to make your tax-deductible donation via FJC (our fiscal sponsor):

  • Make a general donation of any amount:
  • Sponsor our space for Friday night davening ($54):
  • Write a check for any amount payable to FJC and send it to: East Bay Minyan, 953 Stannage Ave, Albany, CA 94706.

Our Gratitude

East Bay Minyan is extremely thankful for the generosity of the many individuals who contribute the time, energy, and resources that make our community possible. We are also grateful to the many folks who show up on Friday night and daven their hearts out or otherwise participate in EB Minyan events. You make it awesome to be part of our community!

We also gratefully acknowledge a joint grant from The Jewish Federation of the East Bay and The Jewish Community Foundation. Thank you for helping us grow.