• East Bay Minyan is on hiatus. (After nearly six years, you might say we're resting for shmita)! Email us for more info or if you'd like to host an EB Minyan event.


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Shabbat Dinners

The Minyan tries very hard to make sure that everyone who wants a place for Shabbat dinner has one … and for this we need hosts! And if you’ve never done it before, we’d be happy to help. So consider opening your home on a Friday night, and visit our Shabbat Dinners page or write to meals@eastbayminyan.org for more info.

And if you’d like to be someone’s guest for Shabbat dinner, we’d be delighted to make a match! Email to ask us to find you a meal, or click for more information.

Lead Davening

East Bay Minyan is always excited for new people to lead davening! If you’d like to join the rotation, write to gabbais@eastbayminyan.org. To learn more about our customs, visit the davening minhag page.

Would you like to lead but don’t quite feel ready? Or maybe you’d simply like more practice learning the prayers and melodies? We can help with that too! East Bay Minyan holds occasional davening “swim lessons”. Email gabbais@eastbayminyan.org to find out more.


Got ideas? Want to help create the community? Email planning@eastbayminyan.org and we’ll plug you in!


The keep East Bay Minyan running, we depend on donations of time and money from generous volunteers. Please visit our contribute page to find out how to help!