• East Bay Minyan is on hiatus. (After nearly six years, you might say we're resting for shmita)! Email us for more info or if you'd like to host an EB Minyan event.

Shabbat Camping Trip – TEST PAGE

East Bay Minyan invites you to a relaxing, inspiring, communal, educational, and just plain fun Shabbat camping trip! Join us for an all ages weekend replete with swimming, hiking, games, campfires, music, s’mores, singing, davening, learning, meditation, and lots of great food. Come build community, connect with friends, and make new ones as we enjoy a wonderful outdoor Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh (new moon) immersed in East Bay Minyan community! Details:

  • When: Evening of Friday, June 7 until the afternoon of Sunday, June 9.
  • Where: Del Valle Regional Park, adjacent to the beautiful Sunol Wilderness and just a one-hour drive from Berkeley.
  • Cost/RSVP: $70 per adult, $25 per child 3-12 years old, free for children 0-2. (If cost is a concern, please let us know.) Please use this PayPal link by June 3 to pay and reserve your spot!
  • We Provide: A campsite for two nights. Five full kosher meals with meat and veggie options. Drinks and refreshments the entire weekend. Activities, campfires, learning, games, music, and more.
  • You Bring: Tents, sleeping bags, and transportation (all of which we can help with upon request). Plus guitars, drums, voices, and songs for the Saturday night campfire jam.
  • Shabbat/Observance: Shabbat evening and morning services will follow the EB Minyan custom of accommodating both Egalitarian and Orthodox practice. Shabbat morning will include Torah study (but not a Torah service). Everyone’s degree of Shabbat observance is equally respected, and we fully accommodate those who are shomeir Shabbat. (There will be an eruv.)
  • Also: Optional pre‐camping picnic/BBQ on Sunday, 5/19, 1:30 in Tilden Park. (Details here.)
  • Contact: Daniel Shuldman and Shalom Bochner, camping@eastbayminyan.org.

(We would like to acknowledge our awesome Shabbat camping partner, Alma Retreats!)